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Back to the Groove

Well school time has arrived and Grace is slipping back into the mold like a well worn shoe. Loves the teacher, and has already got her first 100%


Also  The girls  needed some meds  on the weekend but the pharmacist OC could not make them, it was a good thing no one got hurt, ..or so I thought, that night Hope got a weird pinched nerve in her arm ! she couldn't move it, and it swelled up like a bowling pin!!! I was so frantic not knowing what had caused this injury, and what exactly the injury was. The next day, the actual pharmacist  and i got to talking about how dangerous it is to not have access to the girls' meds (especially in an emergency). So he asked if the girls could take pills, well of course they could, their Florinef medicine is small pills, i said, so he gave me a bottle of Cortef (The PILLs) for each of the girls, and a pill cutter ( have you seen these gadgets?!!) and now the pill is cut into 4 "almost even" pieces (it's hard to get them all totally halved and quartered at the same spot every time, )

Charissa says she does feel differently when she takes the Cortef as a pill form rather than the  syrupy sweet Cortef suspension... I image she does miss the sweetener, whatever it may be. I'm still using the suspension, but inbetween syrupy doses I sneak in a pre-cut pill, and they both seem to manage just fine.


tune in to the next Drama as it Unfolds.


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